Hitting the Job Jackpot Recently

Ok right now im working as an web and video design intern for a university. It fun but its only temporary until my background check goes through for an intern position at The US Attorney’s Office in Macon GA where ill be doing computer support. Its a government position so the background check is insane and takes forever. Its going to be a nice part time job as i finish up college and has health and life insurence. once im done ill be evaluated and they will decide whether or not to hire me on full-time.

recently the job im working at now let me know that they have a position opening up designing the main site for the college. This is a huge project and has lots of people working on it. Id be working full-time for a year and then the job would be over and get like 40k for that year probably with benefits.

im not sure what im going to decide on it. Im thinking the USAO is a better deal with job security and pretty much starting a career, but web design is my real passion, not computer maintenance?

I also got contacted yesterday by a friend that graduated about a year ago and is starting a design company. He already has servers set up for hosting and wants me to be one of the designers. That will be a great side job to have if it all works out.

anyways, what do you guys think on the two main jobs?