Hmm.. kinda small ambitious proj

How would I create a randomized script that would create a movie clip and inside would be a randomized word text with certain settings (font, colr etc…) and it would dissapear like after 15-20 seconds, and another one would reappear?

I would make a list from it to choose from (not from a txt, in flash) such as : noobie, coolperson, stinkypete, names like those… maybe 5 or 6.

Then it would create a movie clip, inside would be the randomized text word with the color and other font settings then it would place the movie clip in a certain place for maybe 10 to 15 seconds, and remove it.

Now I know how to do maybe a quarter of this stuff, but I never get any coding right and always flunk… plus I never got this array stuff :-\

So if ya can help me out, gimmi a shout =)

The tutorial on making a photo gallery here would help you understand arrays, then all you have to do is randomize everything. I’d check out the tut first.