Hmm.. this is really annoying me

Grr I can’t figure this out… isn’t there a simple ‘or’ statement instead of all these !== ones?

This would save me a ton of work in all work…

I attached the the .fla, check it.
Basicly it randomizes #'s and then the transfer button will transfer either one or six, or set it to whatever… all I really want to know is how do you make a statement that will do the work for you?

e.g. in fla


the pipe is an ‘or’ statement.

you can find a complete list of the action script statements at the site.

mind you | will work fine in your if statements… but the explination from the dictionary is not really useful on that one. It’s called a ‘bitwise or’ and is discribed as

Personaly… that discription doesn’t tell me that it can be used as ‘or’ in an ‘if’ statement… but hey… I’m no programer.

You know what is funny. I understand what it does, but I don’t understand how it is considered an or statement.

It converts numbers into binary then melds them together like DNA.

1010 = Binary form of 9
0101 = Binary form of 5

9 | 5 = 15 (1111…or the combination of both binary strands)

yeah… I saw your explination before, and for the first time realized what the a/s dictionary was talking about in it’s explination. I cannot figure out how that makes it an or statement either… but hey… as long as we know it works… :slight_smile:

I learned most my actionscript from the AS Dictionary…lol. No wonder I am so perplexed about it and end up doing things the hard way:P

I also learned all my javascript knowledge from the Javascript Reference in Dreamweaver, I guess this prepared me for learning AS though the AS Reference in Flash MX. MX supplies a Reference to the AS codes in the Actions screen, just right click on the AS code and hit View Reference. It gives the same definitions and examples as the links you showed. Does 5 have this feature david, if not, I would be so lost with AS if I had 5?