Holy Crapola

I was bored, so when I read the thread about cleanin out IE caches i decided to defragment my comp and do that thing that clears up space, w/e its called…
it took 3 hours… but i got 9 gigs back:beam:
and everything is way way faster!

lol looks like you havent done that in a while.

9 gigs back?
dude… I’m speechless…

I’ve had my comp for about a year now… and never bothered to defrag it or anything

weeeee… lotsa new room to screw stuff up!

9 gigs??!!??!!

that sounds a little high man, you got a 400 giger or what?!


i have a 37 gig or somethin like that… i dunno how that happened at all

That is a lot - o - Garrbage`… even for a Years time …

i know
i have so much useless crap on my comp… it shocked the crap outta me
not literally of course

hehe if it werent for this fast reply box i wouldnt say anything but its here so i will in one long long sentance

that was completely unrelevant to my thread
tisk tisk
im tired

Hmmm… :slight_smile:

Spamorama Vision :slight_smile:

it was xxviii , he had a legitimate post, but it was spammered up!

random 101:

Deleting a file in windows doesn’t really get rid of it, windows simply rearranges the file allocation table so the name is not reusable …or something like that

i think i’m gonna go defrag now

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**who started this boring pieve of crap thread phrom hell anyways…?

pj :P:P **

your going to make me cry:*( :-\
wheres the love?

9 gigs is a lot, but think about it…

when you are straightening up a bookshelf and place them all
in an order, upright, and all facing the same way, you end up with
more room.


hey, thats a good way to think of that
i never thought of that
light bulbs goin on everywheres