Holy mother of (!) *Silent Hill 4 trailer*


gah gah gah gah… :drool:

starts counting money and putting them away

I HAVE to own this…

I haven’t had anything scare me for a while, but watching that trailer gave me the hibbityjibbities…

good, ain’t it =)

Wow, pretty cool :slight_smile:

Yep that **** reqlly gives me the creeps. I think I won’t buy because it’s to scarey ;).

Thrill thrill shudder shudder. Good bye … :skull:

Greetz ScHAmPi.

Now, I don’t play these kinds of games because I absolutely suck at them.

However, I would love to watch someone play this just to see it in action! [size=1](yes it’s more fun for me that way, because I actually get to see more than the first 15 minutes of the game)[/size]

Lol your kinda strange you know ;).
Who likes to watch other people play and doesn’t play himself??


Share the love, watch the joy :wink:

u can watch me :wink:

I’d love to hun!