i was asleep during science today. now theres a huge packet. so whats the deal with this mrna and trna and mmmm other stuff?

eh um i have no idea. lol=)

they are proteins that are parts of the dna or something.

tsh. ****…i have a low b in science. veryyy low. but i am only in high school, im a little guy. MRNA TRNA and there some mention of codons. and start and stop and some protein.


BUT BUT BUT!!! okay heres the question. theres all these letter. and a restriction enzyme(?) and i haveto show where it breaks. thats the first one.

trna translates the dna into rna code, then mrna transports the new rna from the cell nucleus to the ribosomes, where it is paired in triplets called codons and and and thats all i remember

ahh screw it. ill never figure this stuff out.

but i do know much about evolution! there was a boat called the beegel. and then he saw these islands with birds.

wait… do u mean ATC and G… that turn into UTC and G… cuz they break where they join and shizzle (i said shizzle… ahh)… but i dont fully understand this stuff

YES! and theres one letter that doesnt turn into it so it turns into something else. i think

only one letter changes when it changes from dna to rna, and thats A to U

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how do oyu fall asleep?

and then it goes to the ribosomes

exactly. those little yellow chunk things in the cartoon. which catch three letters at a time and then another yellow chiunk comes and eats it.

didnt see that one fez…

(this is interesting…)

no? man you missed it. i dont suppose you ever sawed the mocha cartoon? the one we watched in econ. its great.


we watched gattaca in science
does that count?