Hook me up with some HONEST input

hey all
i really need to know what to add/take away from this graphic
…something is just…missing…arghh i cant look at it anymore

I think it’s beutiful.

Will there be flash?

have you attempted to create shape tweened, liquid like bubbles, which well up from the surface, and or move around?

it’s something that I was playing with a while back… figured I’d drop a spark if you hadn’t thought of it yet.

<Slow and Gloopy>

I like it. Something on the right side seems to be void of action… perhaps it’s the white space? I like David’s idea of perhaps some slight motion…something very subtle…almost not visible… Hmm…perhaps flash lightning in the lettering…whoa… that would be nice… ! Im getting ahead of myself.

wow, all great replies
yea i want to make it ‘flashy’
would i lose quality importing the whole image into flash?

phil, that idea is awesome - u read a lot of sci fi? lol that would have to be done in flash as well…

ooooooooohhhhhh FLASH LIGHTINING on the lettering! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Either lose quality, or keep it at 100% (on the jpeg encoding thing) and risk having people leave your site because it loads too slow…

Anyway, im going to give some input, and this is my opinion.
I like it, but there IS something missing. Im really not diggin’ that Neo Graphics logo with the red lightning, its looks fake, i know its not supposed to look so real no one can tell the difference, but i think its looks odd… But if that’s your logo, great im not trying to offend ya =) anyhow that is my opinion. Maybe it that grid, i think grids are used way too much in graphics like these… hmm…

Anyway, overall, looks cool =)

no its cool , i appreciate honest constructive criticism!

I think I like the grid, the reason they’re used so much is because the look cool, just my opnion.

i agree with Raydred about the logo…maybe it’s because the color of the logo does not exactly blend well with the rest of it…plus its transparent (well i think cuz i can see the scan lines through it) but i like the rest of it, its very nice :slight_smile:

yeah, the logo looks kinda “Out of place” in there…

well put eilsoe

yea i agree with u all

workin on logo now