YO! Critique this poster eh?

Hello all,

Well it’s 11:30pm and I just finished (wellllll maybe not) this poster. What’s missing?

Also, don’t bother commenting on the glow around the lettering because this was created at 300dpi and after shrinking this motha down the cool noise effect was lost. :rabbit:



cg - great work - maybe move the text up a little and make the logo bigger? seems to be some extra space at the top -

speaking of top…

top notch work.

Thanks Ethan. Yea the font is plain. This sucker is officially done now though 'cause I sent it off before I checked in here.

Btw Ethan you can never be too cool for igloos and eskimos.:pleased:

lol PR I’ve been waiting for someone to point that out. It was a real pain just to move the text up half an inch and I was tired. It’s funny how design balance works because originally when I didn’t have 99 cents at the top it looked fine.

Looks good CG, I’m feelin it GJ. I like the difuse glow, works real well w/ that image. Only problem I have is all those lines in the text, I see what you were tryin to do but I think it would be stronger if they weren’t there, IMO. Very nice though.

I should start putting my critique stuff in here in D&D LoL, it’s like pulling teeth to get a critique in S&C.

lol. Simplistik I always thought that S&C was for websites. Your work is awesome from what I’ve seen. If you’re hard up for a critique go ahead and pm me when you start a thread.

As for the lines. lol. Definitely not my best scratch effect.

yeah i think we scare the people in showcase - things are at like 105 views with 11 comments…

maybe it’s because our work leaves them



99cents? 5 dollars?

already mentioned :P, read above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey bombing I replaced the old picture ^^^^ seeing as they liked it so much they wanted me to make it a flyer as well. You can see the noise effect way better on this one.

ooh, that’s cool, I like how you have it throughout the flyer/poster rather than just the text, it certainly makes it cooler…

this certainly is top notch :slight_smile:

LoL, thx… I’m never “hard up” for a critique, I just like creative feedback, maybe something I didn’t do that could be done… w/e. You should lounge around S&C now and again, yea i got 74 or so view on my thread and only 4 replys or soemthing like that. I think from now on though I’ll post here in D&D.

I was looking at the flyer, and the noise seems real extreme now, when you look at it as a whole. I almost thought it looked better a little more subtle, and knocked back. Eh, I dunno that’s my .02


Don’t like the noise eh? < yosemite sam voice > OOOO them’s fightin’ words < / yosemite sam voice > lol

I really really dig the noise. I mean I’d marry the noise on this piece if I could. lol

Seriously though, I’m going to check out S&C right now and I’d better not find any noise in any of your work. hehe

I like it more this way :P, don’t you worrry about that noise

i think the noise looks good, just weird when its shrunk down lilke that, (i mean when its printed, it will probably look a lot different, and better). What is up with the www.playtimebowling.com, that just looks wierd, i like just plain white text personally…

o and simplistik, do have links to any of your work… i mean all ur sites just have splash pages, do you have anywork i could see (battles, sites, print, etc.)? Sorry for being off topic.

looks like a movie poster or somthin

I have a logo sheet (about 1/10 or less of all my work) and what not that I put together for 2 ppl that wanted to battle me:

some other stuff I’ve done I’ve posted here b4:
http://www.beyondthepixel.com/clients/flashskinz/main.html <–under cont.

anywho, I’ve got lots of stuff I just don’t advertise. I put my stuff up in S&C if you just want to look at some of my posts. most of my portfolio is for Reebok which I’m under a NDA. But DDD can vouch for me too :slight_smile:

As for the noise, yea… sorry :(. I may start a thread in S&C and dedicate it to a image I do w/ all noise :). I did notice something else, is there a slight dropshadow under the words? If so I like that, makes it pop off the design, and makes it look better, if not must be my eyes, and maybe you should think about a dropshadow, LoL.

I think the movie poster looks is what he was goin for

lol mlkdave for the record I didn’t create that website.

Yea there is a slight drop shadow on the lettering. The $0.99 was created after finishing the freaky friday lettering and if you look closely you can see I had some trouble matching them up.

I remember seeing some of your reebok work and it was really cool.

S&C really is dead. It’s a shame when such nice work doesn’t get commented on http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=579543#post579543

Nice Work CG,
just the text located on the bottom, is to impacted. But otherwise awsome work :slight_smile:

i say that CG, Simplistik, MLK, Ethan, and I form some sort of Coalition for something…something having to do with art…

who’s with me