Hoover Captations Flash code with xml?

Hi Folks…

I got real hard one for a newbi like me and i dont even know if it is possible. I hope so.

Here goes. I saw this awesome hoover captaions tutorial here in kirup, here is the llink:


Now I have a flash template. In my menu I have a button named " download area" when you click on that button, the download swf file is loaded external. The file is simpel, it contains a black box and the thumb pic. The thumb pic are jpg files and they are loaded in via xml.

My problem is, as i see it, the hoover captions works only with movieclips, buttons or somekind of a object. And my files which i want to be hoovered are loaded in xml.

Here is a piece of the xml code, on how it loads in the pic and the file to be downloaded:

 <img thumb="thumb1.jpg">help.pdf</img>
 <img thumb="thumb2.jpg">sound.mp3</img>

so the xml code is simpel enough. Is it possible somehow to give the thumb pic related names or code so it works with the hoover cap application? It would be so cool.

I got the file from flashden, and it works great, but there are no where to place info, the file only shows thumb pic which are clickable.

Best regards Hrbi