Hot celebrities

who are the hottest celeb’s in your opinion?

my top 3:

  • britney spears :beam:
  • christina agualelrelreraara :beam:
  • alyson hannigan (sp?) :beam:

i like Britney too!
hey what/who is “agualelrelreraara” lmao! =)



lol. i dunno how to spell her name.
so, whosever name i dunno how to spell… i just make it mumbled.

christina agualierera
alyson hangeagenan
frederique vadnerawalsszzaaalasadaas

<marquee>:pope: </marquee>

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Rev **

well exxxxxxxxxcuse me. :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries, I just didn’t want to type my response again…

it was kinda like a footnote…


male or female? :beam:

thats why i said celebrities.
cause if i said just female, then the females would get mad. :rambo:

that ‘dirty’ video scares me. i have to change the cannel every time it comes on.:skull:

i like britney, salma’s ok, jessica is so-so… nobody heard of aishwarya rai? she’s nice…

4got to add link just incase some peeps r clueless…


Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Alba (
Jessica Biel (


Brad Pitt
Sean Connery (in his day)
Robert Redford (in his day)

ew…britney is ugly, so is christina…well, christina not ugly. she’s just plain. britney spears is just ugly though.

the most beautiful girl ever is Brooke Burke…hands down

Oh, and (this is for RenniGirl) Jessica Alba looks 1000 times better w/ the curly hair…

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**Jessica Biel (
The girl >> :crazy:
The guy who wrote the texts >> he’s got to be crazy…

yeah he’s nuts. I was laughing so hard when I read that! lol

Actually, I thought he had reached the bottom with the Final Fantasy character, but the Spider was just unbelievable :stunned: :trout:

i’m sorry but jessica biel looks like a rat and so she’s trying to compensate for that by stripping! no shame! :sigh:

ahahahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think she looks like a rat. My friend Cindy… she looks like a rat!

hey! u not supposed to say tingns lyk dat bot ur frenz!!! my networks lecturer looks like a gerbil and she keeps licking her lips. i think i’ll bring in some hamster food for her :stuck_out_tongue: