Hotmail to offer 250MB of free storage

That´s right, in response to the new gmail service from google and the recent 100MB upgrade from yahoo, MS decided to upgrade from 2MB to 250MB.

Full story here: full story

Now if I ever go back to using hotmail, I can have 250mb of spam. … w00t?

my sentiments exactly. hotmail is and forever will be a terrible service.

sign up a new account, wait two days, and your inbox is already filled with spam.

when will this happen?

didn’t we already have a thread related to this?

That was probably on Yahoo! increasing its size or something.

i dont know what you guys are talking about, i use hotmail and its great. all the spam goes to the junkmail box(about 10 a day) and i just empty it every once in a while. they even have that block feature now.

if you set your junkmail filter on, you run the risk of getting some important mail (or perhaps a chain mail from a close friend) sent to the junkmail.

emptying it once in awhile is a hassle big enough to irritate most of us. and it’s even worse if you choose to go through it before emptying to make sure nothing important got dumped there.

besides, it still takes up space.

also, young ones (like me :P) really don’t need to be the man of steel in my pants, and i don’t need to know about such things either.

i dont get any spam at all in my hotmail. and i dont even have the junk email filter on.