Hotspot in Flash MX like HTML

Can someone show me how I can create hotspots in flash
like you would in html/image.

I have an image that scrolls across and I want it to load
a different webpage depending on where they click on the image.


Put invisible buttons on top. That is to say buttons with only a hit area.

pom :asian:

We’ve done it the way ilyaslamasse suggested… here’s another option that we’ve used on maps and stuff…

put your image on on layer…let’s call it “image”.

make another layer called “buttons”

on the buttons layer, take your pen tool and make your hotspot. Turn your hotspot into a button.

change all the buttonname._alpha=0;

voila… hotspots!

Well, yes Inigo, but if you do that you won’t see your button, whereas with the hit area, there’s a blue transparent shape to show where your button is. :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian: