Hover Caption Tutorial

I have tried the hover caption tutorial for Flash MX and have not been very successful at it. I follow each step but when it comes to the last step to the On (rollOver) it produces the colored rectangle but not the text. So it is only half working. I am working on creating a new site for the library I work at and would appreciate any help or tips I can get. Thank you!


Did you complete all the instructions on all <B>3</B> pages? There is a Next Page link at the bottom of the first and second pages.

I only mentioned this because I know other people that followed the tutorial and got it to work perfectly, I just wanted to make sure you got the whole tutorial.

i havent yet tried the tutorial but i make hover captions/tooltips by using a simple component just drag the tooltip onto what u want to have a hover caption over and make a movie clip of te text and hey presto u can get it at my site there is a link at te bottom of this post

I am aware that there are three pages to the tutorial. I tried the download at the end of page three and it works for the sample but what happens if I want to make my own hover captions.
I guess what it is I am not sure what to do with the download and how to apply it to ones I make.


I have managed to make the hover working.

If you still need help, i have uploaded to my FTP server.

Just open your browser and copy below path and paste it in the URL

http://www.starhub.net.sg/~keith23/Hover Caption.avi

However, i think you need to download a player.


i still trying to capture all the tutorial to mpeg, however, i am keeping for my self use, hope i wont get a lawsuit from Kirupa.com

However, if Kirupa.com want the AVI, i can submit up for user like us.

I have tried your link and it says you are not authorized to view this page. So if you know what is going on with that please let me know. I did download the zip file though.

I also tried Novatakes website and I downloaded the tooltip and I am currently working with that also. Thank you for your help everyone!


The reason why you cant is because l my link is

http://www.starhub.net.sg/~keith23/Hover Caption.avi

is it without _

now i rename the file

Try this again


And remember to download the player

Hope you get it this time

Keith Hiap

The tutorial here at kirupa should work fineā€¦ a lot of time people, including myself even when I am doing my own work!, forget an instance name, have a typo in one or a reference to one. If you followed every step closely it should work so go over everything you did with a fine tooth comb. Just a simple space or missing charater in your code could screw the whole thing upā€¦ in short LOOK CLOSELY. Good luck.


KeithHiap Thank you for the link. I downloaded the player yesterday.

Ryall I copied and pasted the code off the tutorial so that leads me to believe if something is wrong with the spacing and/or spelling it is not from me. And yes I do make sure I highlighted the whole block of code. I have done the tutorial ten times over two days.
I have figured out when I follow the tutorial the only time it works is when I download the final source and that is a seperate file. I have also tried it with a number of different buttons. I can get the box to pop up but not the text.
Thank you for your help.


Wild guess: Did you name the textbox in the tooltip? And if you did, did you give it an instance name (ouh!!) or a variable name (aaahhh!).

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