Hover Captions with components

Thanks for an excellent tute on hover captions. I would dearly like to incorporate these captions in explaining how to use the scrollbar component in a Flash movie (idiots guide stuff like “click here to scroll up” or “click and drag up or down etc”, but the movie is aimed at beginners)

Problem is that when inserting an “invisible” movie clip over the top of the scrollbar, it renders the parts of the scrollbar inoperable that the movie clip is covering. Put the movie clip “under” the scrollbar and it will not work (obvious logic, topmost layer object has right of way)

I have incorporated the “trigger” script into a component button, and that seems to work OK, so my guess is that the script needs to be incorporated into the Scrollbar Component. At this point I freeze. Looking at the make up of the component I immediately realise that it’s beyond me. It’s far too complicated for my humble (lack of…) abilities, so here goes for a call for help.

Where does script get inserted to trigger a hover cation to come up when the cursor is over the up arrow, down arrow, and slider?

Many thanks in anticipation of a saviour :slight_smile:

although I’ll be glad to go into components with you, have you tried to use _alpha instead of visible?

OK, first thing, I think people have already seen a scrollbar in their life, so I’m not sure this is really critical.

But here’s what I would do anyway: no need to put an invisible button. You can give an instance name to your bar, and then give it instructions to react onRollOver. It’s totally the same.

I know I’m not clear, don’t worry.

pom :asian:

What I did was to make simple rectangular symbols, as movies, then set the alpha to zero.

Thanks for the button suggestion, I will try creating button symbols and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for the help so far.


Well I gave it a go, but the results from the button symbols were identical to the movie symbols. Again, it was “either / or”, the scrollbar or the hover captions.

I am now even more convinced that the trigger code has to be embedded into the coding of the toolbar itself, in the up & down arrows and in the slider.

Your help folks again will be much appreciated.