Hover captions showing before mouse over button

My hover captions are appearing as soon as the movie is loaded, even when the mouse is not over any button.To make them work fine, I have to rollover a button so the hover captions works fine.
Ho wto fix that?

.fla? Maybe you did something weird.

(or at least the AS you used)

I used this tutorial


the error happens only when the movie is loaded inside another movie loadmovie (“movie.swf”, “mc”);

can´t send you the fla right now, but be sure I´ve used exactly the same code from Kirupa´s tutorial. Maybe I should add some extra code to prevent the hover captions from appearing?

In the action layer put:

caption._alpha =0;

this will hide the caption at start:)


Use caption._visible instead of caption._alpha.
In general, that method, in the tutorial, is not the most efficient way of doing this.
Instead of using the *_alpha=XX * method, you should use _visible=true/false.
That way, you will not have to change the caption text to " " everytime.

If you’ve looked at the tutorial, you’ll see that the tut uses _alpha=0 and for rollover alpha=50, that why I gave the alpha solution in stead of the visible one;)


I looked at the tut, that’s why I suggested using _visible instead _alpha. You can still use semi-transparent hovers, along with _visible.

Sometimes using _alpha causes weird side-effects like ghosts and stuff, so it is always better to use _visible than _alpha.

But I guess you’re smarter than me…

thanks a lot. I´ll try that.

who says??