Hover Over, any ideas?

Man, its been too long since Ive posted here, and I hardly posted at all. I used to know how to do this, but I forget, and it pisses me off. When I did the full flash website tutorial, I elaborated and make a section, in the corner of the site, where it would display info and stuff about that section. I think its some command, but I forget. I would check the *.fla, but I’ve since lost my harddrive which it was on :hangover: I appreciate any info.

Could you be a little bit more specific on what it did and how it did it?

I think, but Im not to clear, I had several keyframes within the object, and when the mouse hovered over a button, it would go to the frame within that object.

Like this?


I uploaded the swf somewhere, I wish I could find it. It didnt follow the mouse when you hovered over something like that, I had a title bar, with all the buttons on it, and in the corner, there was a screen, and the information would be displayed there.

If I’m guessing right, then this is what you could do:

First make the movieclip that contains the information you want to display in the top right corner.Add a stop action to the first frame. Put each piece of content on a new keyframe.

Then make your buttons. Add this code to the main timeline after dragging an instance on the main stage.

Now add some code to the main timeline. Let’s say you called the button that you want to change the clip with content in to frame 1 home and your content clip contentClip:

[AS]this.home.onRollOver = function(){

Do this for all of your buttons which change what is in the
content clip.

If you don’t understand anything, or I’ve told you to do the wrong thing, just post again. =)