Kinda Like "Hover Captions" But Not

When a user mouses over a button in my Flash document, I want text or an image that describes the link to pop up in a seperate, designated location in the document. I want all the descriptions to appear in the same location rather than following the cursor when its over the button. Is this possible?


P.S. Please forgive me if this seems like a “newbie” question.
I am fairly new to Flash.
I have scoured the tutorials and I have RTFM.
While there are lots of references to having things appear on a mouse click, I can’t find any specific references to having this happen on a mouseover.

  1. this forum is for “Server-side scripting” (yeah, I dont understand the / either) For flash questions try the Flash MX, Flash 5 or Actionscripting forums. NO FEAR, chances are a mod will move it anyway so dont worry about reposting. Plus Ive found it so you have someone answering :wink: keep it in mind for next time though

  2. So I take it you found the hover caption example here on Kirupa? Great, all you need to do then is ditch the movement code which makes that clip move with the mouse and just instead place it where you want it to be on the screen.

… its not the best tut anyway (you should use _visible instead of _alpha and include dragOut and dragOver actions for display). But thats basically it.

THanks both for the reply and for the “heads up” on putting the question in the wrong forum.

I thought it might be something like that but like I said, I’m a bit new at this and I needed to hear it from someone who knows.

Thanks again!