Hovering captions/scene changes?

hi there, i used the http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/captions.htm tutorial on displaying hovering captions, and as you can see, [url=“http://abtrock.com/notaloser/site.html”]http://abtrock.com/notaloser/site.html << everything went okay.

right now, the preloader, the flatlinefx thing doesnt fill up, but its loading

however, click on the guitar, Keeley, The Severn River Song, or the sailboat. they will all bring you to the same page for now, then press the back button. as soon as you return to the home page, my mc is displayed there, following the mouse with no text in it… as soon as you mouseover a button again, it will perfrom normally…

how can i get it so that after it leaves the scene (keeley) and returns to the home scene, that the mc will not appear following the mouse?