How can disable ScrollPane's border?

sorry for this stupid question, but can anyone tell me how to disable this border around ScrollPane component?

I think I should use the
ScrollPane.setStyleProperty(styleProperty, value);
method, but I dont know the name of the border styleProperty…

is this even available?

one option that is available (since i don’t know the styleProperty value either) is to change the appearance of the symbol itself once you’ve put it in your movie.

you can just right click and edit the component. once you’ve put it in your movie it’s part of that movie’s library so you won’t be changing the component for future movies. but this should let you make it look however you want.

hope this helps

yes, thank you for your help - it is really so simple:
when u put a scrollPane component into your fla, it’s symbols appears in the library and you can easily change them one by one :slight_smile:

But you still face this problem if you want to switch scrollPane’s border on and of during your flash movie runtime…

exactly :slight_smile: