How can I add exit animations for flash movies?

Hi, how do I add and exit animation to regular movie, when the original movie is loaded into a movie clip. On my site I use mutilple movies as my pages and they load into a movieclip when the user selects a page. e.g. Home button = Home.swf and it thens loads onto the stage via an MC. How do I get an exit animation, whenever the user selects another button to go to another page/swf? :frowning:

D’you mean that the loaded movie fades out and another fades in or sumthin’?
Well you have to make the animation in your loaded movie.
Just make an animation where all the stuff fades out and make sure it will never play that animation. (add a stop(); action somewhere or sumthin’)
no let’s say the user clicks the “About” button.
Put these actions on the button:

on(release) {
_root.destination = “about.swf”;

Replace mymc with the movieclip where you have the fading out animation. and # with the frame number of the first frame of the fading animation
If the movie is loaded to _root.lmov in the main movie and the fading animation is in in the loaded movie then it should be;
Now put these actions n the first frame of your movie:

loadmovie = function() {
_root.mylmc.loadMovie(_root.destination, 0);

and now put this action into the last frame of the fading animation in the loaded movie


Make the first actions for every single button.

Ok, on some flash sites whenever a user goes to another section of the flash site the page does not simply close, it probably has an outro first then the new page opens up, if you check out my site you will see that as you go from movie to movie(page to page) a window blind animation opens the page.This animation is in each individual movie, I want that when a user decides to go to another section there is an outro animation of the current section then an intro animation reveals the next section chosen…check out my site maybe you might understand what I mean…

well I think I understood very clearly what you meant!