How can i do this?

on the middle, there’s a square that follows the mouse, i thing it is done with easing, but i dont know how to do the line that comes from the square

The MX Drawing API, there is a tutorial about it in the AS Tricks section I believe.

ok, but how to apply it on something like that?

Hrmmm, I whipped up this quick tacky example.

I hope it helps, I added comments to it to show you watch each part does.

that’s cool, tnx

one more question, why the line that was created is thicker than the others?

It isn’t, the anti-aliasing on it makes it look that way.

If you let your mouse sit so the objects line up and the line because straight, you will see that it is all the same.

and how can i make it loook smoother, not like pixelated?? like on the page, if you zoom in, it doesnt looks pixelated

Did anybody go to the site of the people who did the design for that site with the easing!!

adults only :slight_smile:

ohh, i know how!!!
modifying the alpha, i tried it with 60% and also the other lines and it looks perfectly smooth!!

:stuck_out_tongue: tnx lost!!

:cyclops: woooahh, night edition , adults only , cool!!

No problem, I am glad I could help out :slight_smile: