How can I load buttons at runtime?

Hey all,

I’d like to learn the correct way to design flash sites in the direction of the Kirupa tutorial found here:

Although that’s a hellava lot more complicated than what I’m doing now, I see the point of minimizing the layers in my movies as much as possible.

So, I’ve begun using attachMovie to load my movies to the stage at runtime. This has dramatically reduced the layers I had in my main movie. Now, the site has just two layers: one for actions and the other for invisible buttons. The invisible buttons sit exactly where the movie clip buttons will appear at runtime.

I’d like to know how I can load the buttons at runtime, basically reducing my main movie down to an actions layer. Is this possible or even recommended as good practice?

Any advice from you AS pro’s would be great… I’m just trying to streamline my sites as much as possible and would appreciate some advice!