How can I make a moving movie clip - clickable - lika a button?

Hi friends,

My name is IGX and I have a problem,

how can we make a moving movie clip - clickable - like a button (for game), and go to a specified frame as we wish ?


never done it myself, but guessing how (and there is prolly a better way).

Make movie clip then put into the first frame of a button. THen just use the actionscript to tell the movie clip where to go to and stop/play when it is over/released.

easier than that actually. highlight the mc on your stage and put
this action it -

to send it to an external url:

on (release) {
	getURL("", "_blank");

to send it to some point in your movie:

on (release) {

if there’s something more specific you need, list it here ane we
canhelp. =)