Movie clip or button - what the hell?

I am creating a navigation that has buttons that move-- I created them as movie clips so I could do this

onClipEvent (load) {
goal = 277.2;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_y += (goal-_y)/2;

to get the movement to appear to slow down as they reach their destination.

I need the button to click and jump to a frame of the scene… The instance in the movie clip is a button, on which I put action

on (release) {

but it won’t do anything!! I can’t seem to get a button to act like a movie or to get a movie to act like a button - can anyone help???

have you tried:

on (release) {

:frowning: no it’s not working…

hmm… actually, you’re right… it’s looking for ‘nav_expand’ on the same movie clip it resides in…

so is it working now?.. it should…

you have a button… which is in a MC and the MC is on the main stage… the button is telling the main timeline to jump to the named frame lable… if this is how you have it set up, I see no reason why it shouldnt work. Good Luck - any more questions post here.


Yeah - that was the problem – I actually have a container movie pulling in another swf… so I used:

on (release) {

duh! Thanks for your help!

no prob :cowboy:


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