How did you guys hear about kirupa?

I was just thinkin I dont even know how I ended up here. How did you guys first hear about kirupa?? No one told me about it…no search for it…I’m just here. Its like the twilight zone. Now I cant leave.

Me… I ran a search on Google for Flash Tutorials. This was the first site I went to.

I have been stuck here and I have never looked at any of those other links in the google search. > Actionscript Experiment >

electron geek told me about kirupa. then i told abunch of my friends.:geek: =)

he showed up in my geometry class.

*Originally posted by NaliWarCowZ *
**he showed up in my geometry class. **


A little star shining in the sky brought me here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I came looking for Generator help… I went looking in a lot of places for Generator help…


this was the only place that answered my question… the answer was “I don’t know,” but at least I got an answer… I won’t tell who it was who answered…

next thing I know, I wake up in front of my monitor, typing…


My good buddy of mine named Google showed me this site. =)

I was dragged kicking and screaming and now I am chained to my chair in front of this computer and I can’t leave…

h88 eventually got me here… :slight_smile:

Jake and I were sent here on a mission from god.

google>actionscript syntax>

Well I have no idea how i got hear.
I mean i might of just found it by looking in some books.
But when i did find it i am very happy i did.

I think I was searching for Flash tutorials or something and noticed this place had a ton!

So I used the site for like 2 months doing the tuts and stuff and then thought, what the hell let’s join the message board. I guess the rest is just history :slight_smile:

someone mentioned it on FlashKit. I came to investigate

I have NO idea how or why I ended up here… :-\

… I remember a bright light…


did that happen at woodstock phill?:stuck_out_tongue:

One day I was searching for my name on google and I stumbled upon this site created by a guy called “Kirupa”. Since I couldn’t find Kirupa in any phone directory for the BHam area, I simply changed my name to Kirupa, and took on the Kirupa identity.

That’s how I stumbled onto this site.

TheRealKirupa :run:

I was just looking for flash tutorials and ran into this site!