Just Wondering: How did you Find this Site?

Hello Flashers and Flasherettes,
After reading these posts on my first day of summer vacation, I realized that there are a wide variety of unique, cool individuals on these boards. So, just out of curiosity, what strange twist of fate (google, flashkit, etc.) brought you to this site?


I saw the light after visiting lycos, glad I did, I just wish I had more time for browsing the boards :frowning:

I found you through, well, lets follow the chain of events; I went to flashkit, posted, and never received any responses because there are just too many people there. Your post gets buried in about 20 minutes from all the new posts. So, I searched, don’t remember where, but I usually use Yahoo (which is also Google). And I saw this Indian name Kirupa Chirathsomethingorother come up. (I am assuming here of course) :wink: Well, werking with all the Indians I did at 3Com, I felt I might get an answer to my Q’s here as they were often over eager to help with anything they could, and were kind about it, more than others anyways. So I clicked. And, well, er, you guys know the rest from there. And I have come to call this place my online home away from home. Your all wonderful, everyone one of you! But my biggest helps came from Dave, Pom, Eyez, Kirupa and Live (although this is far from conclusive list) Special thank you’s to you guys! :wink:

All misty eyed right now…sniffle

it’s funny, search “flash” in google and this site pops up numerous times…or at least it used to. i needed some specific help in flash 5 so i searched for a good site. i found a couple forums, but i signed up and got confirmed with this one first. i’ve been here ever since. this is the only flash community i really belong to. i occasionally post at were-here, but that’s been infrequent lately. anyway, that’s my story.

looking for Flash tutorials on Lycos. The first one I found was Virtual-FX and well, I realized right away that they sucked. So I looked for more, and I found kirupa.com. So I showed up and did the tutorials and trolled the board a little bit. That was in January and I’ve been here since…

Sorry, but it’s been quite a long time, so i don’t remmeber…should’ve quit the drink, drugs and rock’n’roll when it was still time…joking…i really don’t remember, but if it was a search, it was Google, never use any other.

I’m not all that sure myself. There are one of two possibilities.

A) I could have stumbled in here. For a long time I was just searching all the ezboards that I could find… just to see what other people were doing.

B) this seems more likely. Vts (edwin) and I subscribe to the ezboard KIR (Keep It Real). He may have led me over here, or I may have led him over here… it’s been so long I’m not sure.

I was AbDucted By MEN in BlAcK SuiTS And TheY foRcED Me To CoME to ThIS SitE…ThEy DiD HoRIBle ThiNGS to ME…I WAS AbuSED And TotuRED aND AbuSED…EveNtUALLy…I WOKE UP AND iT tHe SiTe www.kirupa.com FLAShED in my MinD and I ArrivED! AnD I’m SittING here 14/7 WaITinG For NEw TutoRIals! KEeP Up GooD WoRk!


Ya, the same thing happened to me except I was abducted by ‘men in pink’ suits who did horrible unspeakable things to me as well. Butt I have inside knowledge that the Aliens will be stopping their butt plunger program just before the end of 2003.


InSide KnOWlEdGe EH…BuTT PlUNGErs Eh(yes i am from canada)well…you MUST me One Of THEM!..i’m onto YoU Phil…always wondered how you GoT So GoOD iN FLasH…aLieNS MuST HaVE ImPLanTeD SoME FlaSh TuToRiAlS in Ur BrAIn…Eh :smokin:

:x :evil:

I have been haunting Kirupa.com for some time now for the tutorials - I distinctly remember looking for making flash executables and finding the CD/executable tutorial. However I never ventured into the forums until fairly recently (a few months ago?). I’m addicted to this place.

Hey, Big K,

I found your site in one of many of my Flash books that referenced “helpful sites.”

…can’t remember which one it was…

Definitely my fav Flash site. Those punks on Flashkit are too snobby. :stuck_out_tongue: I really enjoy everyone and their help and contributions to this site. It’s the best!


I was on some site with realtively impressive Flash (I forget where) that said “I learned everything I know from kirupa.com” on it. I was relatively intent on learning Flash at the time, so I followed that link.

Your all wonderful, everyone one of you! But my biggest helps came from Dave, Pom, Eyez, Kirupa and Live. ** Phil**

What? I’ve never helped you. I’ve never helped anyone. You’ve helped me, but I’ve sure as hell never helped you. I’m greedy, remember? Crazy liar. I appreciate the undeserved credit, though.

No, your wrong Live! You did help me on at least one issue a long time ago. I remember it. You maybe a crazy, gluttonous, fornicational, charachterless and pshycotic liar as you said above, (exact words) but you did help me once. BTW, where ya been and why haven’t ya answered my Q’s on your forum? I felt so ignored! :rollin:

Kirupa rolled out the Princess Bride columns and I will be taking another crack at it later. Pick your poison and we will gab about that later when I have more time to post. It’s your turn to pick a subject-
Ive missed ya sniffle

My forums? You’re posting on my forums? … Why? You’re not supposed to… Yet, anyway… The site isn’t really “existant” yet. It’s just in test mode right now.

You crazy man. Stop being so crazy. Crazy.

I was looking for tutorials about masking, did half a dozen at Flashkit’s, completed none of them, found a tutorial by a certain Kirupa ChewmeBambi that I actually finished, fell on my knees, followed the link, did all the tutorials, saw the little ‘forum’ link, and posted ever since.

C’est un beau roman, c’est uuuuuuune belle histoire…

pom 0]

ChewmeBambi!?! lol

ALL YOU INSaNE PEOplE! I WiLL ExTrACt MY REvNGE ONCe I SteAL You FLasH Talents! TheN YOu Will KnoW HOw I Got HEre…BrAIN AbsoRbING MachiNE is ON THE WaY! i got here through hours of wondering on por…er… sites on the internet and eventualy, no clue how, i came here

:smokin: scott

All your Flash talents are belong to us??

That was hilarious! ChewmeBambi
I did the same thing with his name on this same thread; Chirathsomethingorother

One thing we could use is a phoenetic map of Kirupas last name and possibly an expensive government scientific study to see if it is even pronouncable.

I can imagine Kirupa at times when they ask for his last name; His reply must be something like; Ok, sure, got a minute? :rollin:

Good eye sleuth-
I feel so flashlessly werthless lately, almost like someone has had a machine penetrating my brain, sucking out all my flash talents. But the upside is they didn’t get that much. :lol: