How did you learn actionscript?

I have been using Flash for several years now but I need to get serious about learning
actionscript. I have done quite a few things with actionscript but I don’t really understand
I’m going to be starting a massive interactive AV project and I need to learn the right way to
program this.
I’m looking for a way to really learn it starting with the basics. Do you know of a very good
book that explains what each of the different things mean with examples or such so I can
get a real understanding of it? How did you learn it? I’ve bought several books but they are
over my head:
Understanding Macromedia Flash 8 Actionscript 2 by Andrew Rapo and Alex Michael
Essential Actionscript 2.0 by Colin Moock
Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation - Making Things Move! by Keith Peters
Is the best way to just read it from a book or is there a better way? The problem I have in
reading it from a books is that I have a lack of examples and there are too many things I don’t understand so get lost and don’t know how it all goes together.
Hopefully this post communicates! If you don’t understand me or need more data from me
pls let me know.
Oh yeah, and I currently have Macromedia Flash 8 but plan on upgrading soon to the latest
one. And I am located in Los Angeles California.
Thanks for any direction! :love: