How digital has changed the world


Just a bit of research for a graphics project. I am interested in finding out the effects of digitisation on the world. Particularly the effects on things that used to be considered prized possesions e.g albums, books, films and photos - but also other everyday items such as newspapers and advertising. Obviously there are clear advangtages to having computers etc but I’m more interested in items that have new digital versions. Have you recently changed to a digital camera? We all know the advantages - quick, easy, instant, no processing costs - but do you feel that you’ve lost something in the change. Do digital photos have the same emotional value? Has the process of sharing photos over the internet cheapened the experience of showing photos to friends face to face? What about albums? Has the new MP3 revolution started the demise of albums and all the creativity attached to them? Will there only be a singles market left? Will digital music media insure the death of album artwork? Will the be such a thing as a digital album? Are you a vinyl junkie? Do you buy records for a sense of nostagia or do you hear an audible difference in quality? Are they an archaeic media left in boxes in your loft? Do you read newspapers online? Has this affected your habits in buying physical newspapers? Please post any views you have on any of the above points and also feel free to bring your points concerning anything that hasn’t managed to avoid the digital revolution? Is it the way forward or are we losing out on certain aspects of digital predecessors? Any thoughts and comments appreciated.