How do I add sound?

How do I add sound without it sounding like it is overlapping to a Flash 5 animation?

I’m not sure what you are asking…:-\

there is a tutorial :


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Oh, and my footer is just text, broken up then shape tweened…real easy:)

It does help, thank you, but I read somewhere that Flash 5 does not allow you to use midi files. Why is that? For the song I want to use it is not available as a wave file.

I think they just neglected to add it into the programing. Ultimately every new media type adds to the plugin size of the browser. So to keep things small, Macromedia had to be frugal with what they would allow Flash to utilize.

I’d be willing to bet that there is a midi to mp3 converter out there somewhere. I’d try a quick search on google first. If I happen to find one I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Here’s one for 14.99
here’s some instructions for the conversion

these guys look like they will do it for 6 dollars per file converted.

these guys have a free trial offer on a midi to wav converter. Probebly your best option if you’re just looking to do one file. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that this probebly explains why it wasn’t put into Flash 5.0

from the last link I provided.

MIDI to MP3 Converter Guide

Technically this conversion is not possible although there are workarounds. MIDI is not actual audio but a series of numbers instructing how music is to be played back. MIDI is entirely dependant on the sound card or other hardware that it will be played back on. Moreover, MIDI is for instruments alone and not for vocals. MP3, on the other hand, is compressed audio and contains instruments, vocals…anything that is on the original audio file.

MIDI to MP3 Conversion Workarounds

Even though this conversion is technically not possible, with some programs (like Cakewalk Pyro) you can combine MIDI and MP3 elements. Also, you could always run the MIDI sound through your sound card, use an audio capture program like Total Recorder, and then convert to MP3 format. Also, Midi to WAV Recorder performs Midi to WAVE conversions. From there, you can convert WAVE to MP3.

Well, it turns out that when I clicked on the last link and downloaded the free trial and used it…first of all, it only allows you to save the first 10 seconds of the newly created wave file anyway and second of all, the file is HUGE! I guess there is no way to retain the same file size as the midi file, huh? Thanks, though…:D…I guess I will have to live without sound…:frowning:

Well… if the sound doesn’t have to interact with the flash movie… then you could just place it in the background of the html page that contains the Flash movie.

(truthfuly though… most of us serious web surfers HATE musical accompaniments. We listen to music while surfing and working… why would we want another peice interfiering with what we were listening to? Just something to keep in mind.)