How do i call sound files for a sound player created in Flash

I want to create a sound player for a website in Flash 5. However, i do not know how to play the files without importing them into the flash movie. If i imported all of the sound files i am using, my flash file would end up being about 25meg in size. This would obviously be stupid, as it would take forever to load up. Could someone please tell me what action i eed to use to play a sound file which is stored in the same directory as the swf file.
Im only just learning flash so im not 100% sure that this is the way to do it. Is there a way of telling flash flash to only load a certain part of the movie as it is neded.
I want to create something similar to the player found at this address

Any help you can give me would be much apreciated
Thank you

If you can get your hands on MX you can import soundfiles into a swf at runtime. If you’re using Flash 5 then you are limited to loading swfs into other swfs.

The basic structure is:

You create a sound player which is a distinct separate swf and you post this on your website.

You place each individual song in a separate swf (using MP3 export to get the smallest files)

You import a song swf into the player swf whenever you need it using the loadMovie() command


I think this tutorial might be of assistance.

Sound Tutorial

Controlling the sounds with script rather than basic flash playback provides some flex in the download requirements. It also gives you control over volume etc - like the site you quoted.

Alternatively, you could load each sound into separate movies, then load each movie as required. Put the sounds in as streams rather than events and that should ease initial download speed, though may cause some skipping/distortion on slow modems

Good luck

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