How to play flash within a flash?

How can I play a flash file inside another flash?

Thanks a lot!

Well you can import the .swf file directly into your .fla that you are currently working on or you can import the file into another .swf during runtime using loadMovie(); but which one do you prefer?

Thanks a lot!

Actually, I am building a website using Flash. And I don’t want
to put every page in a single flash file because I am don’t wanna
get a big file in the end. So I save each page into a flash file
and would like to play it in the mainframe.

Will LoadMovie() do a good job on this?

loadMovie(); will do exactly what you want, refer to this kirupa tutorial for help on using this built-in function:

Thank you so much for pointing me to the tutorial, Dan!

A simple but confusing question:

Does it make sense to put each page in different flash file
in order to increase download speed? Or is there any other
way of achieving this dynamic loading techques while putting
everything in one big .swf file?

Thanks again!

If all the movies are in one .fla file then you can have one preloader, if you have the movies imported into the .swf during runtime then each movie can have its own preloader (like but that is only needed with huge contented sites or ones with large animations and graphics. So it all depends on the file size and key audience!

Thanks a lot, Dan! You really help me so much!