How do I create a vectorbased movie\r\rtjeck this link and tell me how to make a the ani of the man waving his hands in the air…i’ve tried to convert some avi’s to gif an the trace them but it looked like ****e :slight_smile: plz help me out

that looks like just a drawing done on the comp, probly w/ a wamcom…i don’t think it was a converted AVI

What’s wrong with what you have there? It looks good to me… and it already looks like it’s vector based. Did you draw that with Flash’s tools?

i don’t think thats something he created, I think he was asking how to do it…

ahh… well, art aint my specialty. I’d say create the figure from scratch using the Flash tools, and then it will be vector based. In some cases you can import art and trace it, but rarely does that look as cool as something which is just drawn using the principals of the vector tools.

In my professional opinion (meaning I know too much about art history [i hate that class]) that looks like a drawing, and not a AVI or anything like that…i think they drew the outline and then loaded it into the flash site. so if you want to make something like that, get a wamcom and learn to draw…otherwise, I can’t really help ya.

Take a movie, pass to black and white or track the guy only and make black, then export to swf, all that with After Effects. Short as usuall, hehe.\r\rRecord yourself in front of a uniform-colored bg, import into video editor, export as image sequence, open each and get rid of the bg, import, trace >> vectors.\r\rGet vid2flash (javakitty), Flix (Wildform), V2F which take avis/movs and export to swf…

Doctor Benton, come here immediately !!! I think he stopped breathing !!\r\rpom 0]