Vector animations

Please can ANYONE HELP ME WITH VECTOR ANIMATIONS, I don’t know how to make something like those guys walking and laughing at,\r\rFLASHKIT’s Tutorial sucks!\r\rplease help.

Practice, ask questions, read past posts. Sorry that’s all I got for you.

What Ive done, and it works however it take a while, \rIs get your video ready (in an avi format or a popular format) then you use some frame export program (I can’t think of one off the top of my head). What this program does is takes the movie and exports them into a individual images. Then you take these images (which can be a TON if you have a long movie) open photoshop, \ropen your pic, click in the menu Bar, Image > Adjust > Threshold. Then you tweek the image a bit so it has a good contrast balance. Then you save the image. You do this to EVERY frame. Then, in Flash, you import the images into a Movie Clip. If its the same naming convention (ex: myImage01.jpg,myImage02.jpg and so on…) Flash will import all the images all at once for you. Then Go to each frame, Click on Modify > Trace Bitmap, and convert all the images to vectors. \r\rIt works however, I bet theres better methods out there, but this is the one ive used and it works when you’re in need of a vector MovieClip. =)\r~D