How do I create auto-typing text? [renamed]

I want the words to come onto the screen as if someone was typing them while the movie played.

If anyone knows of a tutorial for it please tell me thanks.

Do the tutorials for Flash 5 work for Flash MX 2004?

((An I’m sure who ever renamed this could have answered atleast one of these questions :-P))

>_< can I get a little help please!!

Component you can buy for the effect:

Custom prototype done by Coldi, posted on

Answered post from this same forum:

<might-sound-rude>You could’ve saved yourself a lot of time/hassle by going to google and typing in exactly what you were looking for (“text typing effect flash”), searching the boards here for your keywords, or just crawling some of the common flash sites.</might-sound-rude>

If you ever need to find something flash related, check these sites out: (heh)

Those sites usually have very specific answers to questions usually asked by newer Flash programmers. There are many other sites somewhere on the web (duh) and I think there’s actually a thread somewhere on this board that has a more well-rounded/complete list of great Flash resources, links, etc.

Best of luck on your project, and if I could just make a suggestion: use the prototype from It’ll help you learn a few new tricks, it’s smaller in size, and it’ll probably look better (plus it’s free – unlike


it can be done
ON the stage you tyoe your message (STATIC , all Ive done so far)
Now (make sure you have arrow selector)
Right click on words (you typed)
Choose breakApart
right click on words agian
now choose distrubite to layers (it should make a layer for each letter)
Now you can control each letter (in it’s own frame)

Worked for me, try it see if it will for you too
for a movie clip-graphic you have to make new layer