Typewriter effect, explanation?

hey there,

i was wondering if anoyone knows how to create a typewriter effect in flash,
u no, where letters are typed individually with a visable cursor?

also, this is a newbie question i know but please bare with me. i have a file which has text flickering. at the end of the movie i want it to stop and not repeat the loop again. does this require a this.goto and play function and stop?

thank for your help



THis is a prototype function which means you just put all the code for it on your main timeline and then call the function when you want it and where you want it. It looks really scary at first but they are super useful once you get the hang of them. I used this one successfully before I fully understood them so don’t sweat it too much.

As for your other question - just put a stop(); on the last frame of your animation to stop it from looping.


u can use Swish (another program) from which you can create text effects and export it as a swf file and bring it to flash. that way its much easy

regarding the type-write effect its simple - you take your final text as a string, display a substring of that text, length x and at the end of the function which displays the substring (and if you want a cursor simply set the substring = to itself + the character you want to act as the cursor) simply increase x by one.
then you can either call it via setInterval or in an enterFrame or even from the timeline…

im finalising a component which will allow you to simply create this effect… you can hav a prototype ifu want… (works fine in the typing manner but some of the formatting options are still not working correctly) it is really easy to use as well - the component is a little banner thing which you manipulate to the size of the area to be typed and then in the component panel set the string to be typed and then run it - the banner wont appear in runtime but the text will be constrained to it… also supports html formatting of the text but it pauses before each html tag because atm it has to generate the tag one character at a time… again, im working on this :wink:

anyway sorry if i sound like an advert :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks guys :slight_smile: