How do I make background elements "un-clickable" (using SCREENS)?


I am creating an application that uses various buttons to show different screens / “SHOW SCREEN X (ON RELEASE)”.

Now, I want those buttons to remain visible in the background, but the problem is that they reamin “clickable” - which intereferes with the currently opened screen. Is there a way to keep the buttons visible in the background, but make them “unclickable”?

Thanks in advance!

yourbutton.enabled = false;


I played around with this code, but it does not work for me. I must admit that I am fairly new at Flash MX 2004 AS. Is there something else I need to do? Where exactly do I put the code?

“yourbutton” should be replaced by the instance name of your button. Make sure you’ve assigned one too :slight_smile:

Yes. I did use my button’s instance name, but it didnt work.

Which SCREEN should I place the code. The SCREEN where the button resides, or in the new SCREEN which I am opening?

The screen (?) where your button resides. Otherwise it won’t find the button, and it won’t work.

Just to clarify - I am using the Flash Form Application format, which uses SCREENS, rather than the Timeline.