Possibly a simple question about buttons

I have to preface this by saying i am a beginner when it comes to Flash, so bear with me…

I have been messing around with Flash MX at home and at work - the buttons i make at work function normally, but when i make buttons at home i have this problem…I draw a rectangle and i put some text inside it, only using one layer. I do this for the up, over, down & hit frames, and the only thing i change is either the text color or the rectangle color.

The problem occurs when i test my movie - when i go to click on the button, it seems the only part of the button that is “active” is the space between the outer edge of the rectangle and the edge of the invisible rectangle that surrounds the button text. If i put the mouse anywhere near the text inside the button, the button becomes “inactive” and i cant click on it.

Do i have to use a specific text for making buttons? Like i said, when i design buttons on my computer at work, they work fine. For some reason, they dont function correctly when i design them at home. I have also tried taking the text out of the “hit” framewhile making buttons, yet i still got the same result.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?