How do I Organize my Project? -Overwhelmed

Hi folks,
I’m doing a project for school and based on what was designed I’m pretty sure it will need to be done in AS3. I’ve got experience with AS3, for small projects I have little trouble. This project on the other hand has 3 modules which will contain 3 lessons each, and each lesson has 5 practice problems. I don’t know where to start.

What I’ve started with is a menu screen with 5 practice problem pictures on it. When I click on a practice problem picture it brings you to the appropriate problem. Upon completion of the problem it pops up an arrow that brings the student back to the menu but with previously completed problems greyed out.

I can’t seem to get variables from children to work with the main actionscript that’s on the first frame of the project.

I’ve been reading Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Moock but I’m having trouble trying to apply what he’s describing to the project I’m working on.

I’d like to be able to figure out things like…these are my packages, these are my classes, and these are so and so. I think I can work from there.

Ugh…I hope I explained something there, thanks for reading, I’m exhausted and considering doing the project in AS2 if I can’t figure this out. I hope you can offer any advice.

Tony H