AS2: Best practices/code organization?


I’ve got a few questions that concerne the design of an application. I am a skilled AS1 developer, but fairly new to AS2 and therefore I often times wonder about best practices and organizing code in AS2 development. A pose a few specific questions here, but tips and links covering the subject in general would be just as much apprechiated as answers to those.

I’ve read Moock’s “Essential ActionScript 2.0” and while I found it tremendously helpful, it left me with a few questions. Here are some of them, but if you have other tips, please elaborate!

  1. When should a class be devided into a superclass and a more specific subclass and do you ever decide to develop a class and plan to subclass it at the same time for the sake of code organisation?

  2. How do you decide between visual composition using references to linkage enabled library symbols, create everything using code or extending the movie clip class?

  3. What are the typical situations when you would use ASBroadcaster instead of calling named functions as a means for communication between objects? I find myself using ASBroadcaster all the time, are there drawbacks to this or is this a sign of poorly organized code?

  4. When should you make and interface for a class?

  5. How do you manage classpaths? Du you have a central location for all your AS files on disk with folders for packages

  6. Do you let classes that use dynamically loaded data load that data themselves by all incorporating their own code for doing so, or would it be better organization of code to load XML in the FLA-file or a separate object and then pass the relevant data to the object that needs it?

As you can se, most of my questions are related to planning, structuring, organizing and using code, not much about writing the code itself. Thank you in advance for any feedback.