How do I reference to frame lables?

Hello all!

I have a menu thats inside a movieclip on the main timeline.
From inside that movieclip, how do I reference the menu buttons to go to a framlabel on the main timeline?

I put this code inside the movieclip menu, how can I change it to reference to a framelabel caleld contact that is on the main timeline?

contact_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, contactFunction);

function contactFunction(event:Event):void {

I tried _root but thats only AS2 it seems, and I also tried _parent, but that didnt do it either. Seems like you can solve it with classes after doing some searching abit on the forum here, but I am new to AS3 and I havent understood the power of classes yet.

Doesnt it exist a string of code that you can put before gotoAndStop in my example to reference it to the stage? like _root did in AS2.

Another thing, people are telling me to stick with AS2 for atleast one more year since AS3 is still under development and wont be fully functional and usable yet.
How long do you guys think its gonna take until there are more AS3 sites out there than there is in AS2.
How long did it take for people to convert to AS2 from AS1 for example?

Oh well, rambling now :slight_smile: Any help with this annoying problem? :slight_smile: