How do i remove the Antialias in flash


how do i remove the Antialias in flash

like there?

thanks :}

Hoi master

that link you’ve supplied is a flash movie consisting of an image, so the pixilated effect was created with the image not inside of flash. There is a way to turn off the anti-alaising for a movie like this:

_highquality = 0;

accepts values between 0 (no anti-aliasing) and 2 (default high anti-aliasing)

this setting effects the whole movie. There isn’t a way to have different quality settings for individual movie clips withing a movie as far as I know


i suck a asking Q’s :sigh:

know there imported :}
but the _highquality = 0; was what i was looking for


You can trace bitmap them and for the style use pixel.
I think that increases your file size but it should give you the desired effect allowing you to keep your movie on high quality.