How do I trace the Properties of an object's properties?

I forgot to put it in the title so I’ll just place it here; I am using AS 2.0. I know that there are other ways to accomplish the goal that am after, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to access the properties of an object’s properties?

Here is the code that I thought of, even though it doesn’t work :frowning:

var a:Object = new Object();
a.bproperty = 0; //lowerlevel properties
a.cproperty = 1; // lowerlevel properties
var d:Object = new Object();
d.e = a; // upper level properties

for(var i in d){
for(var j in d.i){
trace(i + " = higher level lower level= " +j);

I know that you can enter the following code to view the ‘lower level’ properties of d.e:

for(var i in d.e)

This really just boils down to how I am organizing the code(I have ideas on what do next, and i am 99% sure that I can get them to work), and if there is a way to dynamically access the properties of the objects properties, It will save me from creating yet another large block of code for my project. If you want to see the unfinished project, go to