How do i view multisession on XP

Hey guys, ok this is a weird situation, so ill rey and explain it the best way i can.

I have a cd-r disc with say a, b and c files on it.

I downloaded some new files 1, 2 and 3 to add files to this disc. So once i downloaded the files i right clicked and wnet SEND TO CD-R drive.

I went to nero > continue multisession > burn

At the time of buring the added data files a, b, c and 1, 2, 3 were viewable on the cd.

After i burnt the cd, files a,b and c were gone and ONLY 1,2 and 3 were on the disc.

Apparently the old files should still be there since it is not a cd-rw disc and in windows 98 there is a method to view all sessions on the disc. Is there a way you can do this on XP at all? Or am i just going crazy!!!

This has never happened to me before!!

Thanks for all your help in advanced!!



hey dave.

searched this on google

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you can try using isobuster its a iso mounting appt that also reads cds this will most definitely read your multisession cd and allow you to copy the data off of it, theres also cdmage and is the best place to get info on anything cd based been there for 8 years and still go there everyday for news :thumb: