HOW do they fix it?

Heya peepz,

I saw a lot of sites, beautifull ones, but I wondering how they can make some things in sites:
Like at:
At the top you see the green 3d drawing, are things like this, made in photoshop or do you really need to use 3dstudiomax for this?

Just wondering…

Is 3dstudiomax so good? or do you need adobe photoshop also to make this green image like they did by interactmedia?

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I would say that in that case, they probebly did the whole thing in 3dsmax or some similar program. You could do that with just photoshop though, if you had the right set up for a photograph. The advantage of 3dsmax is that it will do all sorts of things for you. Like partical production for a mist effect… or rays of light… glowing effects… etc.

The actual animation on that shot is done in flash, and just animated over the pic.

All in all, most of us don’t have 3dsmax lying around… we just don’t do those types of shots, or we try our best to reproduce them in different ways. For instance… you could create a 3d wire frame using swift, and then import it into photoshop, add effects, and have it look similar to that.

OK, not that I have any experience with 3D whatsoever, but now I’m curious…

I checked out discreet’s website (3dsm = $3500! yowza…), and was looking at Plasma. Anybody have any information on it? It looks interesting, and it also looks like it interfaces quite well with Flash.

Yeah, I would LOVE to do 3D work, but I am way too poor to afford what they want for a 3D program…lol.

I would save up for 3D Studio Max, but it would only take me about 10 years and all, so I don’t think that is happening.

Photoshop 7 will do for now, it is one of the best programs, I love it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have it and wants to get started in Graphics. It is ONLY(sarcasm) US$609.00, but for me it was worth it.