How ? How?

Heya peepz,

I saw a lot of sites, beautifull ones, but I wondering how they can make some things in sites:
Like at:
At the top you see the green 3d drawing, are things like this, made in photoshop or do you really need to use 3dstudiomax for this?

Just wondering…

Is 3dstudiomax so good? or do you need adobe photoshop also to make this green image like they did by interactmedia?

Greetz me! :bandit:

I only use Photoshop and it is great. I hear 3d studio max is great too, but I never tried it.

A lot of sites combine the use of the 2 programs for added effects. For effects in the interact new media site, it looks like they combine both.

hey kirupa, maybe you could put up some photoshop>flash tutorials to show some cool effects that you can make in one and add to the other.