How do u create message board, need tutorials

i need to create a message board, anybody have any links for such a topic i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks and be well

i’m attempting to make one right now. i’ll try to put up a tutorial if i’m successful.

the things you’ll mainly need are cgi (or) php/mysql. once you have those things, you can pretty much start.

I am also looking into creating a message board - I’ll be watching for the tutorial :slight_smile:

this sounds good. maybe we could use it for our site thorp.

go to WWW.EZBOARD.COM and click create

hey thanks a lot for refering me to ezboard, solves a lot of my problems, but it loses the flash feeling you had i guess when i have time i will go learn PHP or something to get the interactivity you have in flash, thanks a bunch :-))

another free message board (If you just want ot download the code) goto or do a search for the Yabb Message board. They can give u the code and have easy instructions on setting it up. Took me an hour between downloading the code, and having a working message board. Its one of the best ive seen, I personally use it on my site