Creating a MESSAGE BOARD..please help

How would you go about doing this? I know you have to use cgi and all that mess… Any sites that tell you how? Please answer it would be appreciated.

You can take an Ezboard, or build one (PHP MySQL)

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It aint easy… I’ve been working at it for well over four months now… certainly nothing I can explain… mostly I use trial and error… lots and lots of error. .then trial again.

Mine is from a book that has a message board on CD rom… but I have seen some other ones online in places…

You get all the source files you need at: , but you’ll need a php-enabled hosting with a mysql-database…I’m trying to get this to work, I’ll let you know if i manage…

man… I hope so… I wasn’t thrilled with this message board though… that’s why I’m trying to translate this asp based one from a book cd… If I can’t, then I’m going to have to resort to the one you just listed.

You can customize it all you want, check for instance.
What is it you don’t like?

It’s hard to say. I’ve not been satisfied with any of the Flash forum I’ve seen so far. I will look here though and see how I might customise it to my liking… again, thanks.

Hey Eyez, that looks so cool !!

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It doesnt have to be on Flash, Just a normal message board…anyone know any place with that?

IKON boards are really good

I think it’s

they provide source code and have a forum devoted to customizing it to your liking

is ikonboard free, or does it have a high cost to it?

The source code is free… but you need a server to put it on.

If you’re looking for totaly free… try out ezboard. The banners and popups suck… but it’s free.

Yeah i have a server to put it on, good thing the source code is free

whoa this stuff is confusing


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I couldn’t understand the first thing about the Ikon board source code… BUT that was a year ago that I looked at it. Perhaps I’d have better luck these days. Since I opted to go with a Flash based forum however, I haven’t really bothered to look at it.

If you really want to do it well, I suggest picking up a book on the basics of that source code’s language. I thought it was Perl if I’m not mistaken. There are lots and lots of Perl books out there.


I personally think the best FREE message board is phpBB. I just got through setting it up on a friends website. Although terms like php and mySQL might sound intimidating the setup was extremely easy. If your hosting plan comes with php and at least one mySQL connection give it a try.

sounds like a good call. I’ve been reading a lot of php and mysql info lately and it seems to me to be one of the easiest to understand. Very similar to javascript and actionscript as far as commands and such go. Plus, like perl, there’s tons of online information out there on the subject.

Thanks for the link byis… I’ll be checking that one out myself.


If your looking for a solid message board give it a shot. You dont really have to know anything about php or mySQL. During the setup it asks for path to your mySQL database and the database name and thats it. It sets up all the tables and databse information for you. The setup couldnt have been easier.