How do u make it appear like this?

hey im not totally new to swift but how did the person in this turtorial make the shape look how it does.

the turtorial which is held on this website

has a pic on the very bottom that looks amazing and the guy said he made it on the lathe editor…
can someone please inform me how that person made tat look like tat

why don’t you pm him? his username is sharif

well does anyone know first of all,… i dun wanna bug him

Nah It’s alright. You can bug me anyday :thumb:.

If you look real close - all those objects are in circular form. I created a whole bunch of objects using the lathe editor and it’s curves.

Then I aligned them together (which was the hardest hehe). That’s it. Notice the top antenna is just a tall cylinder. The reeses pieces cup piece was the lathe editor. As well as those 2 cyclinders and circles.

It’s real easy, just gotta figure out a concept and then the rest is up to you ;).

I think it’s better if you find out for yourself.

To make the shape look like that, you can use photoshop to make it the dark glow kind of look :). Lots of tweaking of materials too ;).

BTW - My username is The Reefster now :P.

Ahh yes, the revolve tool.
Sharif knows much about it, he will help you out :wink: