Preprod image done in swift v3

This is actually going to be an interface when I am done. Still need to add a few textures and and objects. I was going to redo it in LW or max. But peeps told me I should use it in this format. You guys let me know what you think of this render. All opinions welcome.

Had to drop the quality a lil bit to post. 600x500

cool 3d model. have you tried to see what it would look like with out color. only the lines?

That is part of the interface thingy…some will be in wireframe till an event. But they way swift handles polys is kinda trippy. Their polys look like they are on crack. But it looks much better in wire.

ho crap! thats fuggin [email protected]!

thx dippy. no more replies I know I can make it better in max…but

if you’re in to make a line interface (ie no textures) i think you’ve done a wonderful job and in Max you’d only be tempted to add other textures… i personnaly like it that way but if you do use 3ds then dont forget to re-post !

i was using swift3d over a buddies hous, i love the vector render!

3diva, that looks great:) . How did you get the tubes that bend? Did you use the lathe tool?

Haha thats awesome! :beam:

I don’t like that it cuts off though, I wanna see the whole thing! :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

yeah I used the lathe to then set the sweep angle to make the bends…depending on how far your circle is from the center will create different angles of bends.

The bottom sux hahahahaha…but I will finish it. I have decided to do it in max. But I will finish the swift version someone at erain would like for me to finish it out and submit it.

Can you show me how to make those tubes, it would be very helpful in my work :bounce: thanks

I can try to explain it real quick let me know if you need screenshots (did not have time to do them). Open your lathe editor. Make a circle. (there isn’t a circle tool here so you have to make one using the point tool. Do not create the circle in the center of the crosshairs create it pretty far from there. Now if you go back into your scene you will have a donut looking thing. If you adjust the sweep angle of that object you will create the bent pipe. Note: the further from the center you create the circle the wider the angle of your pipe. Let me know if you need a further desc. or some screen shots. It is very simple to do.

Thanks! :bounce: I never thought of closing a shape in the Lathe Editor, i always made half shapes. Thanks! This will be very very useful in the future.

closing shapes in the lathe editor is cool. i have made some real cool 2 sided textures doing this.

glad i can be of assistance

i have swift v3. Ive been messing with it a little, skimmed tru some tutorials, but just cant seem to find out wut the hell im doing. Im trying to add color to my 3d creation and clicked on just about every button, but cant seem to find it. The animatin tool bar is confusing to me. And im still trying to figure out how to make my own animations, if its even possible. Anyways… i was just wondering if there was a simpler tutorial that could help out someone like me. thx!

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check the erain site they have just about the simplest tuts around. As far as adding color all you have to do is drg the color you want onto the object.