How do you backup your files - Dropbox/OneDrive/Box/etc.?

Backblaze constantly syncs. It mirrors your folder structure at all times. If you move files and folders around, then in the next sync cycle it will only update the new / modified files. You just need to leave the program to sync in real-time. To play safe, I backup on my external drive every week or so (scheduled via Bvckup 2) and leave the real-time backing up to BB.

To be EXTRA safe, I even backup my external drive on to BB too :stuck_out_tongue: (hey, it’s unlimited!)

FYI - My first BB backup session took 2 months :stuck_out_tongue: So you’ll need to live through that first session. But once done, it then syncs ONLY modified and newly added files / folders.

Btw if you’re interested MEGA offers 50 GB free as an online repository. I use this one for storing secondary files like stock photos, fonts, videos etc.

Google Drive

Maybe I’m just paranoid but I used external hard drive and usb for important files and documents and keep it safe. For normal work files, I just use Google Drive. Dropbox is a good option too but their free account is limited.

What limitations are you seeing with Dropbox?

I too think that Dropbox is not a good choice here, for backing up all the files.
I’m using Crashplan and high recommend for backups!

Google Drive is the best place for me as I am always on in gmail so this is the best option for me.

I use Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for different purpose (for work and for home)
One thing I noticed (hope someone here maybe can help me), when I delete stuff both from the device and OneDrive they appear again on OneDrive as if I didn’t deleted them.

Maybe a sync happened between deletes. You need to delete them at the same time :open_mouth:

Yes, but I deleted first on the device. It doesn’t meter I’ve accepted this life where nothing can be deleted :smiley:

Thats a good one yes dropbox is also my number one option when it comes to file backups.